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How To Dress A Newborn: Helpful Suggestions For Head Stumpers

Buying all those adorable baby clothes is easy (too easy). Next, you have to figure out how to use ’em. Check out the answers to common dress dilemmas and you’ll be your baby’s best wardrobe consultant.

What's the best way to dress a newborn?

“Simply and comfortably,” says Michelle LaRowe, author of A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists and a mother of two in Barnstable, Massachusetts. “Think a bodysuit plus a cotton one-piece outfit for daytime, and a bodysuit with a cotton nightgown or one-piece sleeper for night.”

Are there any good tricks for getting clothes on a newborn?

“It’s easier to dress babies when they’re drowsy,” says Robin Bowman, a mom of two in St. Louis, Missouri. “Sometimes, my baby fusses when I put clothes on her but she’s super-agreeable after a belly full of milk!”

What’s the right way to get a bodysuit on and off?

Start by laying the baby on the floor or changing table. “After removing the arms from the sleeves, cradle the baby's head with one hand and lift the bodysuit over his head with the other,” says LaRowe. Or just avoid baby bodysuits completely by choosing a kimono-style shirt that opens and snaps closed—no over-the-head maneuver required.

How do you bundle up a baby during winter?

Make it easy on yourself. Like many moms, Alyssa Yano of Indianapolis, Indiana, used a jacket and a blanket or fleece car seat liner instead of a snowsuit: “It was quick to get the baby in and out of his outerwear when we’d go in and out of stores.”

How do you make sure you’re not underdressing a baby?

Actually, overdressing is more of a common mistake. The problem: It can lead to heat rash. “In general, a baby should wear one more layer than a comfortably-dressed adult,” says LaRowe. “You can always take a piece off if he gets too hot.”

Help! I can’t stop buying clothes for my baby—they’re all soooo cute!

Do clothing swaps with friends. You’ll still get your thrills…cheap.

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Secrets Of A Smart Diaper Bag
Once you get the diaper bag, you may wonder: What do I put in here? And will I ever really use all this stuff? Let's prioritize.
Top 10 Must-Haves For The Nursery

What will your baby love in the nursery? Here are a few thoughts about mobiles, gliders, play mats and other necessities for a baby nursery.


Hang a safe, exciting mobile over the crib and keep the little one happy and content as she falls asleep. Try a black-and-white one during the first few months as she learns to follow high-contrast shapes and objects. Some mobiles even have clips where you can change out the cards or insert family photos.

Glider rocker

Whether it's a large, overstuffed chair or a simple rocker, a quiet, comfy spot is important for breastfeeding, bottle feeding or just rocking the little one to sleep. Pick a comfy one — you'll be spending a lot of time here.

Changing pad and diaper caddy

You don't need to invest in an expensive changing table or dresser with a top — just find a functional changing pad for diaper time. Most are waterproof, with removable covers that are easy to wash. And, you can use a simple wicker basket with a handle as a portable diaper caddy. That way you always have easy access to diapers and wipes.

White noise

Capitalizing on the fact that babies find white noise soothing, many companies make machines that produce sounds such as a rainstorm, a babbling brook — or even the sounds the baby heard inside the womb. Some look like small radios, while others are tucked inside cute stuffed animals. Be careful not to rely completely on these magic wonders, because some children become addicted to the noise and cannot sleep without it. Use only when needed, and you will understand why these are so popular.

Ceiling fan

Overhead fans have been promoted as helping to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when installed in a nursery. You don't have to run it at full speed to keep a nice breeze moving throughout the room.

Trash can

Whether you choose the Diaper Genie or a simple receptacle with scented garbage bags, you will appreciate the proximity of this item to the changing table. When the trash cans nearby, it's easy to toss out diapers, wipes and other items to keep the nursery clean.

Temperature with control

Babies need to sleep at a different temperature than adults, and they're not able to regulate their own body temperatures. A thermostat just for the nursery helps you keep a handle on the situation and ensure that Baby has an optimally healthful environment in which to snooze.

Play mat or rug

Tummy time is very important for newborns. Buy a mat or rug on which your baby can lie in the beginning months while playing with family members. Later on, you can set his toys out on the rug, which the baby will learn is his special spot.


No matter the age of the baby, the benefits of reading to her are incredible. Read often to the baby, and she will learn to cherish and look forward to this time with you. Knowing this, you can never have too many books (you probably received many as shower presents). Find an accessible space to store them, and in doing so, show her that books are an important part of her world.

Calming colors

While many parents want to go wild with bright green or fire-engine red in the nursery, such choices can keep a baby awake or make her anxious. Soft, calming colors are far better for a baby's sleeping area. Paint stores offer low-VOC paints that are almost odorless, are non-toxic and come in a variety of pastels and soothing colors.

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Baby Stuff You Don't Have To Buy

Learn the difference between essential baby supplies and other items you can leave off of your shopping list.

Feel free to nix these baby supplies from your shopping list and just stick with the bazillion other things you’re planning to get.

1. Lots and lots of precious baby outfits

Yes, miniature rompers are the height of cuteness, but here’s the truth: Your newborn will likely be living in a tightly wrapped blanket 24/7 for at least the first few weeks of her life. What is worth buying: A cute cap and blanket for bringing your tot home from the hospital.

2. Beautiful crib sheets/quilts/bumpers

More important: Having a whole bunch of backup sheets for incidents involving pee, spit-up, and other surprises. As for bumpers and quilts, keep those out of your baby’s crib until she’s at least 12 months old. The reason: They can cause suffocation or contribute to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

3. A bottle warmer

Placing a prepared bottle in a cup of hot water for a few minutes works just as well.

4. Lots of teeny bottles

Skip those smaller 4-ounce bottles, which your baby will only use for a few months, and just partially fill full-size ones for the time being.

5. A baby wipes warmer

Some moms love ‘em, but you can easily get by without a baby wipes warmer. Truth is, most babies are fine with room-temperature wipes, especially if that’s what you use from the very beginning. Besides, you can always warm a wipe up in your hands for a few seconds before using.

6. That expensive stroller

Since many strollers are designed for when baby can sit upright comfortably (around three months), you can easily go without one for a while. Instead, start with a lightweight stroller frame that’s designed to fit your car seat. Simply snap the car seat to the stroller frame, and off you go. The baby stays bundled and comfy, and you can spend a few more months researching strollers. Win-win.

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Best Gifts For New Moms

Check out some great gifts for new moms and learn what some moms say is the best baby present they ever received.

Reading time: "My best baby gifts by far were from my mom who gave me my favorite books from childhood—The Velveteen Rabbit, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Winnie the Pooh. We also had a baby shower where all our friends brought their favorite book from childhood, which created an instant library. I loved revisiting the old memories, and creating new ones with my son."

—Jennifer Porter, mom of two, Seattle, Washington

Kid-tested, mom-approved: "Another mom once gave me a cute canvas tote full of her favorite baby things: socks that stayed up, fingernail clippers that are easy to use, great spoons and cups, lotion to soothe chapped cheeks. There were even coupons for diapers tucked inside. It was so helpful that now it's what I always give at showers."

—Sarah Congdon, mom of four, Ames, Iowa

A clean slate: "When I was pregnant with number two, my mother-in-law gave me four months of bi-weekly maid service by a nontoxic cleaning company. This was such a blessing, especially with a traveling husband and horrible sciatica. The toilets would have never been cleaned otherwise!"

—Amber Maxwell, mom of three, Scottsdale, Arizona

Drop in and dish: "We’d just gotten home from the hospital with our new baby and everything had gone wrong: The dog had growled at the baby, I’d forgotten to take my pain meds, and my daughter still wasn't eating properly. I was about to collapse into tears when two friends arrived at the door, meal in hand. They kept me from losing it—and got me to eat on a day I probably would have never remembered to cook for myself."

—Amber Page, mom of one, Bloomington, Indiana

Gifts for Sleeping tight: "Max was so fussy at first. Then one night when he was screaming, I remembered the weird-looking blanket with Velcro a friend had given us.We put it on and a minute later, Max’s whole body and face just relaxed. It helped my husband and I relax too! The Velcro kept the blanket snug around Max, so it’s like he was back in the womb all warm and cozy. We all slept better after that!"

—Judi Ketteler, mom of two, Cincinnati, Ohio

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How To Buy Newborn Clothes

It’s easy to get lost for hours in the baby-clothing store—everything’s just so cute. How much cute should you buy? Keep these tips in mind.

Hit the sack. Given that your baby’s going to be mostly snoozing during his first couple of months, a sleep sack is a trés chic choice. "They’re foolproof as far as fit goes—they just cover the baby head to toe," says Pam DiCapo, a mom of two and owner of the children’s boutique Lauren Alexandra in Kansas City, Missouri. "Also, there are no snaps or buttons so diaper changes are easier, and they don’t rub against the umbilical stump, which is a sensitive area. Buy about five or six in newborn size."

"Zero" is bigger than you think. "Most newborns are quite skinny—those rolls and dimples don’t show up until later," says DiCapo. "Even 10-pound infants wear size 0 to 3." Pick up four outfits in size 0 to 3, to be worn for visitors and photos, and let baby spend his downtime in sacks.

Don’t get too much in size 3 to 6 months. Moms tend to get a lot of baby clothes in that size at the shower or as gifts.

Forget the footies. To get the most mileage out of outfits, consider steering clear of footie pajamas for the first few months, which cram tiny toes as baby gets longer. Instead, invest in five or six pairs of baby socks. They’ll keep your little one’s feet warm—plus, they’re absolutely adorable!

New? Not totally necessary. "While I was pregnant, I hit every garage sale that advertised it was selling newborn clothes in good condition," says mom of one Kristy Norton of Little Falls, Minnesota. "I couldn’t justify spending much money on clothes that my child would spit up on and immediately outgrow. That’s not to say I never bought anything new—I did for special occasions or when I saw an adorable outfit I simply had to have—but buying the basics secondhand worked out great."

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Favorite Products from Winnie the Pooh
I have long loved Winnie the Pooh and all his companions. I remember my mom reading aloud the stories by A.A. Milne to my sisters and me before bedtime when I was about seven or eight, and my love for those sweet tales and characters hasn’t waned.
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