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What's In A Name

Figuring out what to name your child can be tough, especially if you and your partner disagree. Let’s find a name you both love.

Maybe you’ve known what you were going to name your future children since you were six, but maybe your husband has, too. Or maybe you both have ideas but you just can’t agree. How is this baby ever going to get named?

First, get yourself a nice, big baby name book or find a website that lets you browse through long lists of names. Take turns writing down all the names you don’t hate, and then make two separate top ten lists of your favorite names.

Are there any names that appear on both lists? If not, are there any names on each other’s list that you could live with or would consider as a middle name? Do any of your favorite names have anything in common, like certain letters, sounds or ethnic origins?

When you have some strong contenders, take each name and try it on for style. Imagine your future baby in a shirt with the name printed on it. Think of your child having to learn to write his or her name in kindergarten, and the hundreds and thousands of times he or she will have to write the name in life. Consider the nicknames that are associated with the name: Anything unflattering or that you just don’t like the sound of?

Finally, if you simply can’t agree, can you compromise? If your husband has wanted a “junior” his entire life and will be eternally resentful if he doesn’t get his way, maybe you can pick the nickname that the child will be called. Or if there’s a name you really have your heart set on, offer to let your partner name the next one.

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Baby Names As American As Apple Pie

From sea to shining sea, from the 1880s to the 1980s, American culture can give you some fun ideas for naming your new baby.

Good old apple pie and baseball are just some of the hallmarks of American culture. Capture a bit of the essence of the pure American spirit in your baby's name. There is so much more to Jack and Sue than meets the eye.

American pop culture influences baby name choices not only in the States, but in Europe, Asia and other remote regions. A writer's decision for a character name on a TV show can have lasting effects on a whole generation. Take the soap opera Days of Our Lives for example. A character named Kayla gave the name incredible popularity, and hundreds if not thousands of Kaylas today are the product of the show's trendsetting influence.

A similar phenomenon can be seen in the UK. The name Keira, and its alternative spelling Kiera, jumped up in popularity when British actress Keira Knightly became famous worldwide for her roles in Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean. Even a bad reputation has been known to spark trends. An evil nanny named Peyton in the film The Hand that Rocks the Cradle made the name an instant favorite, whereas before it was virtually unheard of.

Name your baby after your favorite song

It seems some names became extremely popular after appearing in a hit song dedicated to a person of that name. After all, who can think of a better name choice, than one that is worth writing songs about?

Retro baby names

So you know what the popular names of today are, but do you know which names were popular in 1880? The "fashion" of names has changed throughout the years, but some names have stayed on top of the charts.

The 80's are back — Names inspired from bulls & bears, the Ivy League and the Trumps

80's inspired names are the new trend according to recent polls and surveys. These names are more traditional, conservative and are inspired by TV series, universities and the global money market, which boomed and crashed in the Spandex decade.

Popular baby names in New York

So what does the New York State parent think of when naming their baby? In the case of naming baby girls, it looks as if naming is all about glamour. According to the most up-to-date U.S. Social Security Statistics, Emily, Isabella and Ava ranked in top three spots.

Baby name ideas from New Jersey

New Jersey is the "it" state for parents looking for a unique baby name or ideas for inspiration. The Garden State just happens to be one of the most racially and ethnically diverse states in the country.

Popular baby names in California

California's parents have their trends set for their baby name favorites. For baby girls, Emily, Isabella, Ashley, Mia and Samantha came in at the top five spots, respectively. As far as baby boy names go, the names Daniel, Anthony, Angel, Jacob and David have been chosen by California's parents more than any others.

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Easy, Fun Ways To Choose Your Baby's Name

Mitchell or Maserati? Rachel or Riann? Whether you’ve had a baby name in mind since you were a kid or you’re clueless, these tips will make the decision simpler and far more entertaining. Let the brainstorming begin!

Play the “This or that?” game. Start off with two names you like—say, Jana or Sophia—and ask your spouse to pick the one he likes. Then he hits you with another choice—Sophia or Lisette—until you have a keeper (well, at least for that day).

Think outside the Bob.Find inspiration from characters in books, songs, colors, seasons, words from other cultures and your passions, suggests Pamela Redmond Satran, developer of the online site NameBerry and coauthor of The Baby Name Bible. Kellyx (yes, that’s her real name) Nelson of San Francisco, who runs an environmental group, gave her son the name Spyder. “And we named baby No. 2 Cricket,” she says, “so Spyder wouldn’t be the only arthropod in the family!”

Go back in time. Ask a parent to make a family tree or do your own genealogical research to find great names. Satran, who has three children, named her daughter Rory—which means “red” in Gaelic—as a nod to her maiden name, Redmond.

Re-name yourself.A thought-provoking question: If you could make over your name, what would it be and why? Re-naming yourself (or your partner) will get you thinking about qualities that matter most: how feminine or masculine, how unusual, how ethnic, and so on.

Mix it up. Twilight fans know all about Renesmee Cullen, whose vampirelicious name is a mash-up of Renee and Esme, her grandmothers. Play around with your own combos, and feel free to mix boy and girl names.

Meet halfway. “We wanted an ‘M’ name after my dad, Michael, but my husband and I couldn’t agree,” says Marjorie Ingall, of Providence, Rhode Island. “Jonathan wanted Matilda, for Roald Dahl’s book of that name, but Dahl was a miserable person. I wanted Mabel, but Jonathan thought it was a dog's name. So we compromised on Maxine.” Agreeing may be tricky but as Satran says, “It’s good preparation for a lifetime of decisions you’ll have to make for your child!”

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Keeping Up With The Joneses' Twins
Faith and Hope. Madison and Mason. No, they're not intersections, they're some of the most popular twin names in the U.S. And we've got the full list.
The Most Popular Baby Names
Name popularity comes and goes. And sometimes comes back again. See which ones ranked high over the past 100 years.
Baby Names: Rocket Scientists and Brain Surgeons
People love to say, "Hey, it's not rocket science" - but, for your baby, maybe it will be! This list of real-life brain surgeons and rocket scientists might provide a "eureka" moment as you name your little overachiever.
Boy Names: Real Life Heroes
We think people who say there are no more heroes just aren't paying attention. Here's a list of a few amazing individuals whose names deserve to be passed down to a new generation.
Boy Names: Classic Hollywood Ideas
The classics never go out of style. And your new baby just might follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest icons of the silver screen, at least by name.
Boy Names: Football Legend Ideas
Strength. Strategy. Speed. The qualities that make ordinary football players into gridiron heroes are some of the same qualities your little football fan could use anywhere in life. And the names go right along with them.
Girl Names: Real Life Heroes Ideas
Amazing aviators, great writers, inspirational activists - the new addition to your family could be any one of these. Here are some real-life heroines that might give you ideas for naming your own star.
GIrl Names: Hollywood Ideas
Today's top actresses might seem like they were born with all that talent, but we think their names might have a little to do with it, too. And one of these names might be perfect for your little starlet.
The 20 Most Popular Baby Names in the U.S.
Check out the HUGGIES® Baby Name Finder and see the top baby names in the United States.
28 Unusual Baby Names That Need to Make a Comeback

By Lindsay Mannering, CafeMom

Nameberry's made a list of the top 14 under-the-radar names for both boys and girls that they believe are poised to make a comeback. Most of the names you've heard before, but let's just say you probably don't know anyone with them. None of the 28 names are in the top 1,000 nationally, but the trend toward more original names might see them break into the popular categories pretty soon.

See what you think:

14 unusual baby boy names:

  1. Abner
  2. Augustine
  3. Cormac
  4. Cornelius
  5. Denver
  6. Ephraim
  7. Ford
  8. Gordon
  9. Guy
  10. Magnus
  11. Milton
  12. Nigel
  13. Otis
  14. Simeon

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14 unusual baby girl names:

  1. Antonia
  2. Aurelia
  3. Clemintine
  4. Cordelia
  5. Harriet
  6. India
  7. Louisa
  8. Lucinda
  9. Mabel
  10. Marcella
  11. Margo
  12. Marion
  13. Mercy
  14. Susannah

As one of five Lindsays in my fourth grade class, I support an original name. Not, like, crazy names, though. Baby Hashtag does not have my vote, is all I'm saying. But these 28 names are names, you know, and good ones at that.

Obviously, I can't be trusted. Not only am I bringing childhood issues to the table (I sustained whiplash turning my head around every time 'my' name was called in elementary school), but the two men in my life, Durward and Zebulon, also make great cases for original names. So does Matilda Ledger.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ice m'neck.

Do you think any of these 28 names should make a comeback?

Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Baby Name
<p> by Maureen Dennis</p>
<p>Choosing a name for your baby can be a challenge and everyone goes about it different ways. You can find lots of resources on Huggies Mommy Answers to help, including advice from other Huggies partners. Here are five easy steps that I suggest to make the process easier. </p>

<p>Step 1 - Talk About It </p>
<p>You may have chosen your future kids’ names in childhood. Maybe there are naming traditions in your partner’s family.  Having a discussion with your partner, at the beginning, will help you both understand where each are coming from and what you have in mind.  Naming a baby can be stressful when you and your partner are not on the same page so make this an important step before baby arrives. </p>

<p>Step 2 - Inspiration </p>
<p>Look for inspiration in family names. Prince George Alexander Louis is an example of a name full of family history and meaning. Passions like music or art, even literature, may inspire names like Harmony, Monet or Story. Cities, states and even countries are popular inspiration - from Brooklyn, to Georgia and India to Ireland. Who knows where the inspiration for names like Apple, North or Blue came from but they mean something special to the parents. Look for what inspires you and you may find the perfect name for your baby.  </p>

<p>Step 3 - Research </p>
<p>Do some research to see what names stand out to you and your partner – there may be a perfect name out there that you just haven’t heard yet! Check out some baby name books or continue to check out articles and tips around choosing a baby name in Huggies Mommy Answers. Also keep in mind the popularity of names and how that will affect your name selection. If you are a Jennifer that grew up as one of four in your class then you might lean towards a more unique name.  If you are a Rainbow you may lean towards a more common name like Emma.  It’s a good idea to check out the top baby name lists that come out every year to help determine if the name you have in mind is too popular for you or not popular enough.  </p>

<p>Step 4 - Playground Test </p>
<p>Some names sound good when you are looking through books and searching online but you need to realize how many times a day you will be saying this name. Try it out in public!  A name like Gunn may be a family name, and have special meaning, but it could be awkward and a challenge to yell on a playground (and definitely in an airport). </p>

<p>Step 5 - Shhhh </p>
<p>Once you’ve decided on your baby’s name if you want to avoid comments and advice from everyone you’ve ever met than keep it to yourself until baby arrives.  If you could care less what other people’s opinions are then you may want to start referring to your baby by name even before baby arrives. </p>

<p>The decision is all up to you, so have fun with the process, it’s a great way to start connecting you, your partner and your baby together as a family!  </p>
Rene Syler: What’s In A Name? A LOT!

<p>You may have had an inkling about what you want to name your baby ever since you saw the two lines appear on the stick. You may decide pretty early on what you will name your sweet little bundle or you may just wait until you get your first look at him/her. Either way, it is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your parenting journey. </p>

<p>But really, what’s in a name? </p>

<p>A lot actually, and that translates to a lot of pressure for parents. So what’s the best way to go about it? Here are a few things to think about.</p>

<p><b>Family Connection:</b> In our case, figuring out names for our first child was fairly easy. My husband and I knew we wanted a family connection so we started from there. Since we didn’t find out whether we were having a boy or a girl, we needed baby names times two.</p>

<p>Wanting to pay homage to family, we decided to name a girl after her grandmothers. The problem is my husband’s mother had a name popular years ago that was now very dated. Honestly, while I could see an adult with that name, it just didn’t seem to “fit” for a toddler or a baby.</p>

<p>Which brings me to my next point. </p>

<p><b>Does the Baby “Look” like his or her name? </b></p>

<p>With our second child we were much more relaxed about choosing a name. We had picked out three boys and girls names as we again we did not know the sex of the baby. When our baby boy was born, we took a look at him and went with the one that seemed to fit him best. Strong, one-syllable, determined.</p>


<p>Here are a few other things I would recommend when picking out baby names: </p>

<p><b>1.	Be Flexible:</b> My daughter, Casey, is named after her grandfather. It was going to be the name for our boy but Casey fit her just fine. </p>
<p><b>2.	Think About the Kids:</b> And not just yours. Kids can be cruel so don’t saddle yours with a name that will make them a target.</p>
<p><b>3.	Unfortunate Nicknames:</b> see above</p>
<p><b>4.	Think Business: </b>How will the name look on email? I know that’s a long way off but still worth thinking about</p>
<p><b>5.	Avoid Embarrassing Initials: </b>Think it out then switch it up, if need be.</p>
<p><b>6.	Is it a Popular Name?</b> Do you want your son/daughter to be one of the many with the “trendy” name of the year or do you want them to have a name that is unlike those in their peer group? </p>

<p>These are just a few things to think of when picking out the name for your new bundle of joy, but no pressure.</p>

<p><em>After two decades as a television news anchor, including four years on CBS’ The Early Show, René decided it was time for a change. Tired of reading from a teleprompter, René was determined to find her own voice and inspire women like herself - juggling busy lives, raising children and trying to live up to impossible parenting ideals. The result is René’s missive on modern motherhood, Good Enough Mother: The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting and its subsequent website</em></p>

<p><em>René believes passionately in finding your voice and living by your own standards. As the daughter of two breast cancer survivors, René underwent a highly publicized, preventive mastectomy in 2007. She now works tirelessly to promote early detection and travels the country speaking to groups about health issues, modern parenting and the importance of putting yourself first.</em></p>

<p><em>René is also host of Sweet Retreats, the top-rated show on the Live Well Network and co-host of Exhale on Magic Johnson’s Aspire network. She also makes regular guest appearances on The Today Show, CNN, BET and The Doctors and is an in-demand speaker. </em></p>
<p><em>She is a proud wife to Buff Parham and mother to Casey and Cole.</em></p>
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